Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flawless Skin... part I

Having flawless skin starts with your skincare.  As a makeup artist, I like working with clients that take great care of their skin. Obtaining the look of flawless skin is very difficult.  I can tell you, I am still looking for the perfect recipe for flawless skin!!

Many clients ask me, what is a good regiment for great skin.  They ask me, should they was their face twice a day or with a drying agent - salicylic acid (especially when their skin is oilier), etc....  Let me tell you what I have learned...

Steps to a clean canvas:

  1. If you have mixed to oily skin, you can not use a salicylic acid more than once a week.  You will dry out your skin, which in return will cause your skin to be oilier.  Something to consider would be a oil based cleanser such as Shu Uemura - High Performance Balance Oil cleanser.  Keep in mind, oil fights oil.
  2. If your skin is dry, using a delicate cleanser will allow your skin to be cleaned without stripping the moisture from your skin.  A cleanser I would recommend is Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser.  It is important that you exfoliate at least once a week.  That usually is of concern for those with mature or drier skin.
  3. Toner, toner, toner... I think that toner is one of the MOST important parts of a skincare regiment.  Reason being, when you wash your skin, you strip PH balance from your skin.  You will notice that your skin will feel a bit tighter and drier.  When using a toner afterwards, you can restore the natural PH balance to your skin allowing your moisturizer to be absorbed by the skin.

  • Do you use a toner?
  • Do you feel that toners are important?
  • What do you know about toners?
I look forward to hearing all of your comments about skincare regiments and toners!

Here are some of the products I mentioned:

Shu Uemura Cleanser:

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser:

Bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner:




Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beauty in the fast lane...

As many of you know, after a long HOT summer, fall is perfect!  This is the time that everyone comes out of their air conditioned homes and talk long walks in the park.  The start of fall time also means new looks, new outfits, award shows, fashion week, etc.  This is the perfect time to create that new fall look for yourself.  

As I get ready for "Fashion Night Out" on September 10th, I am looking through all of my September issue magazines and cutting out my favorite upcoming looks.

What are your favorite looks?  Have you tired any new colors recently?  What will be your fall colors?

Here are some of my favorite looks for fall:

Smokey eye with some glimmer

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2010 Runway Makeup

Dark Lips

Gold Eyes

Makeup Trends and Styles for Fall Winter 2010-2011 047



Makeup Trends and Styles for Fall Winter 2010-2011 047