Friday, September 3, 2010

Flawless Skin... part II

Now that we have established clean and flawless skin, now it is important what you use to moisturize your skin.  After my favorite toner, I use a serum.  You will read mixed reviews on the importance of a serum, however as serum is different from a moisturizer and it actually absorbs into your skin and penetrates through levels of skin.  Serums create that "healthy glow".

Moisturizers, there are so many and some many different prices.  May clients ask me, if I buy an expensive moisturizer, is it better than a cheaper one.  I am one who doesn't save much on moisturizers, however I will not go out a purchase a moisturizer that costs $300 for a jar.  I think you can find a great moisturizer in every price point.  There are several reasons why moisturizers cost differently.  One main reason is that the quality is higher of the products used as well as branding is another reason.

It is important to use a day time moisturizer and night time moisturizer.  Reason for this is that your skin needs different products for the day (protection against the sun, pollution, even stress) and during the night your skin is rejuvenating.

Lastly, for your skin care regiment for flawless skin.  One of the most important things - eye cream.  Eye creams are the most under used products on the market.  Many individuals feel that this is just a waste of money.  I can tell you, as soon as you started using any eye makeup, you should have been using an eye cream.  Think, when you wear eye makeup, you have to remove it.  Since the skin around you eye area is the thinnest, it dries out quickly, creating premature wrinkles.  No one wants wrinkles!!

Here are some of my favorite products:

Serum - Clarins Generations 6

Day Cream - Clarins Multi-Active

Night Cream - Clarins Multi-Active

Eye Cream - Lancome Genefique



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